A growing photographic and taxonomic guide to London's insects and invertebrates

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Last Site Update: 25 Dec, 2009 01:35am
This website has two main aims - to photographically catalogue all of London's invertebrates, and to try and provide named photos for the lesser-covered species such as aphids, mites, gall and parasitoid wasps, etc. - even if just to genus/family. Please spare a moment to sign the guestbook - any comments appreciated!

Use of images - do you run a wildlife-related website?
I have volunteered my photos for use on websites such as the Barkfly Recording Scheme and British Bugs. If you see a photo of a species you wish to use on your site - or indeed know someone who may - you are more than welcome to use any found herein. All I ask is that you contact me first and tell me the site it's going on - and credit me or this site!

Latest News:
24 Dec 2009

Milder Weather brings More Insects...
With the snow now having melted and ice patches almost gone, the weather in London has improved - bringing with it assition insects...
18 Dec 2009

Major Relaunch! December 2009

London Invertebrates has had a major overhaul. Firstly, the number has gone up from 475 species over 153 families in August 2009, to now..

Winter Moth!
Finally, on the 9th of December 2009 I photographed my first winter moth..

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Thanks to the members of Wild about Britain for various identifications.